Our All Products

PVC Leather cloth unit is amongst the pioneers of manufacturing by coating process on different substrates fabric in a large range of Embossing/Printed designs .Having machinery along with ancillary equipment, we are in position to offer large quantum's for several applications like, Furnishings, Sports Shoes/Goods, Belts, Wallets etc.

PVC films and sheetings unit is amongst the pioneer in manufacturing by calendaring process. Having state of the art production facilities and techno-sales services ,we commit ourselves to excellence in our product profile and can offer large quantum's and quality produce to meet requirements of our customers for various related applications like Shower Curtains, Side Door Panels/Sun Visor, Stationary, Insulation Tapes, Rainwear etc.

Laminated Foil Division has in built Beta-Gauge controller (Radioisotope incorporated is curium 244,18.5 G,Bq (500 mci) for uniform thickness across the length and breath of the foil. For Annealing the foil, it is equipped with the state of art Annealing oven (Junker) with Time & Temperature Auto Control System to ensure the uniform & required temper of the foil.

Our Aluminium Foil plant is capacitated to produce 2400 M.T. foil per annum in various thickness from 0.2 mm. To 0.007 mm.Product profile of our range of products is as given below :

0.007 mm Paper Cigarette foil/Label foil
0.008/0.009 mm .............. Tea chest Lining,ORS Substrate
0.008/0.009 mm Paper Label Foil, Lamination
0.012 mm .............. Cheese Wrap, Lamination
0.012/0.014/0.015 mm .............. House Foil for Food Wrapping
0.02/0.25 mm VMCH Coated Blister Pack for Pharma Products
0.03/0.04 mm 150 Guage LDPE Strip pack for Pharma products
0.05/064/075/09 mm Bare (soft) Tagger, Cable Wrap,Cassarole
0.12/0.16/0.2 mm ................ Fins for HeatExchanger
0.20 mm Bare Cable Wrap(AL Mylar)

Blister pack & strip pack plain Or printed upto 4 colors are our specialty products which are accepted by leading pharmaceutical companies. AMCO group has self esteemed of their experienced technocrats and skilled workers at our Foil plant, they have a rewarding realization of their professional objectives in terms of meeting the quality standards of the actual users/industry.

Ever since AMCO commenced its business activities, it has been enjoying the patronage of many leading Pharmaceutical companies, Trading houses, Food Packaging industry & other leading consumers of Aluminium Foil. In Packaging industry, the foil is gradually replacing polyester and other barrier films because foil have better berries properties than others.

AMCO has gained a strong feet hold in all four directions of India by supplying the quality products of International Level at competitive prices. Now AMCO is planning to launch itself in International Market to cater their demand of Aluminium Foil for different uses.